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Triphenyl Bismuth

Executive standard: GJB 5276-2003
English name: Triphenyl bismuth
CAS RN: 603-33-8
Uses: Triphenyl bismuth(TPB) has been used as the solidifying catalyst for butyl hydroxyl propellant of high combustion velocity.TPB can lower solidifying temperature and shorten solidifying time for the propellant, as well as there is not any by-effect for its processing performance and mechanics properties. The consulted usage quantity for TPB is 0.006%-0.05% of total weight for the propellant. Its solidifying time in 50℃ is 7 days . In addition TPB can be also used as the catalyst for ethylene polymarization into cyclooctatraene, the catalyst for formaldehyde polymarization, the curing agent for polycyclochlorides, and catalysts for other some monomers’ polymarization etc.
Package: Paperboard case, in which have been put plastic bottles.Net weight 500g or 1000g per bottle. In addition could pack it according to the special demand of our clients.