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Sodium Borate

Executive standard:Q/YTHS002-2010 
English nameSodium borate  
Chemical name Sodium tetraborate
CAS RN: 1330-43-4
Uses: Sodium Borate is mainly used in the manufacturing high quality glass, optical glass, glaze of pottery and porcelain,glaze of enamel, detergent, bleaching agent, cleaning agents,flame retardant, rust inhibitor and caking agent。It could be also used as the supporter of the lubricant used in metal wiredrawing, the stabilizer and skeleton former in refractory material, the wraping-flux in metallurgy, the set retarder of cement and concrete, the buffer of PH value in water system and emulsifier of paraffin.
Package: It is packed in woven bag, in which should be put two strata of plastic bags, the net weight is 25kg a bag.