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Musk R-1

Executive standard:Q/YTHS 003-2010
English name: Musk R-1
English another name:11-Oxahexadecanolide
CAS RN: 3391-83-1

The musk R-1 classes to the compound of macrocyclic 1actone type ,having strong floral or pollen fragrance charm .It could imitate the natural musk and other animal fragrance charm by slight modifying , so that become the good substitude for natural musk. At the same time the musk R-1 could also be a nice stabilizer of the scent, and has lifting and mellow effect, so it could be used in high and midlle grade of cosmetics, especially suitable for various essences of soap and lavender fragrance type. Otherwise, it has also remarkable efficiency for pretreatment of ethanol used in essence concocting. In recent years the musk R-1 has got a higher appraisal from the international spicery trade , its requirement in the market has been grown up year by year , at present it has become a good substitute for the natural musk.

According to the tests the musk R-1 has provided with ten times more of strength of fragrance than nitrobenzene-musk. For it could play a certain role of excitation in essence , it makes the fragrance to be more dense , distinctive , harmonious , and more nice penetration property of fragrance , specially it has a outstanding effect for long keep of fragrance . Although all of the musk compounds possess musk scent, the fragrance appraisers could easily recognize macrocyclic musk compounds and nitrobenzene-musk. Besides of its special scent each musk compound has the different fragrance charm. For example the musk-ketone and civetone have strong animal fragrance charm, the pentadecalactone and decyl-lactone have obvious botanic fragrance charm. The musk R-1 belongs to the latter. It provides with strong floral fragrance charm or pollen fragrance charm , but after slightly modifying it could imitate the natural musk and other animal fragrance charm . Further more, the musk R-1 has another feature, which is the broad spectrum of fragrance-charm. Because of charming feature for this stabilizer that has been interested greatly by the fragrance concoctors, fame of the musk R-1 is rised day by day.

Package: The product has been packet in aluminium bottles. The net weight is 5 kg a bottle.