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Boron Nitride

Executive standard:Q/YTHS004-2010
English name:Boron Nitride
Another English name:Boronnitride off white powder
CAS RN: 10043-11-5
Uses: Boron nitride could be extensively used in the industrial departments of petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics,electric power, textiles, nuclear, space and other. It could be used as the additives of such polymers as plastic resin and so on, the insulators of high pressure high –frequency point and plasma are the solid-phase mixed material of semiconductor, the structural material of atomic reactor, the packing material for preventing neutron radiation, the solid lubricant and wear-resisting material and benzene absorbent etc. The mixture of titanium diboronide, titanium nitride and boron oxide, which is obtained by hot-pressing forming of boron nitride and titanium, is the catalyst for dehydrogenation of organic matters, rubber synthesis and platforming. In high temperature, it could be used as the specific materials of electrolysis and resistance, and hot sealing dry –heating agent of transistor. It is the powder could be also used as the stickiness-proof agent for glass microbead, the demoulding agent for glass and metal forming. The boron nitride made overhard materials could be used for making the high-speed cutting tool and the bit of geological prospecting and petroleum.
Package: It is vaccum-packed in aluminium foil bag, in which is put plastic bag. Net weight 1kg a bag.