Product list


Executive standard:GJB l967-94 
English name: Bis(2-ethylhexyl)sebacate 
English another name:Dioctyl Sebacate
English abbreviation: DOS
CAS RN: 122-62-3
Uses: The product is used as the plasticizer for solid propellants and their cladding layers, and also as the cold-resistant plasticizer for other polymers. It can improve the mechanical properties of solid propellant, decrease the Tg and increase the percentage elongation of solid propellant at low temperature. Also, it can decrease the viscosity of propellant paste, and so increase its’ fluidity and afford the composite solid propellant with good processing performance. The dosage is 10%~40% weight to the binder
Package: It’s packed in the closed metal bucket of 200 liters,net weight 180 kg/drum.