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Amorphous Elemental Boron

Executive standard:Q/YTHS-2010
English name:Amporphous element boron
English another name:Boron
CAS RN: 7440-42-8
 Uses: Boron is mainly used in metallurgy, electronics, medicine,ceramics, nulear industry and chemical industry etc, it is used in the form of compound or is added in some alloys as a addend. It can be used in smelting of some special alloy steels and as the gas remover for the melting steel,in the burn-entraining pole of burning-entraining tube in the electric industry, in the control stick of atomic reactor, and in the high-energy fuels for rocket. It is a important material for making high-pure halogenated borons, also a material for making a variety of boronic compounds. A lot of noble and rare metals can be substituted and saved by it.Boron and its compounds can be also used as the catalyst for some organic chemical reactions, and so on
 Package: It’s vacuum-packed in the aluminium foil bags, in which has been put the plastic bag. Net weight 1kg a bag.